Platform for the young, fresh and talented people in the world of Entertainment and Media



The entire idea of Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence (FFACE) came to my mind while having a very casual discussion with someone who aspires to be professional photographer but was lacking the platform to show his talent. It’s just not him, but there are plenty of other people around us who are aspiring actors, photographers, models, designers, makeup artists and so on and so forth. They want to make a mark into the world of glamour. They often ask if they are needed to be associated with someone from the industry or would they need to be a son or a daughter of a celebrity parent.

My spontaneous answer was, no. Then how? This is where FFACE was born. I thought of creating a platform for the young, fresh and talented people in the field of Film, Fashion and Creative Excellence. I ran this idea with all my close friends who have earned a name for themselves in this scintillating glamour and creative world. Everyone I approached welcomed the idea and was more than helpful to assist. Thus I gained courage to take a step forward.

Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence will publish its conceptual annual calendar featuring fresh models, designers, photographers, makeup artists to showcase their talent. Each edition of this calendar will also feature few prominent names from film and fashion who will be an inspiring factor for the new comers. FFACE calendar will be distributed to all the leading Film, Fashion and Media Houses across the country opening a gateway to the deserving.

FFACE is a registered brand of Royz Media and Entertainment.