Beauty has no shape, is one of our new venture that recognises true essence of womanhood by challenging body shaming. Beauty has no shape, and women of all shapes are beautiful. With this belief that beauty is a state of your mind, and shunning the stereotypical standards of beauty that talks about shape, colour, built or creed through FFACE Anokhi, we bring together real women from all walks of life, encourage them to embrace themselves, celebrate themselves and help them evolve, to being more graceful and confident individuals.


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Benefits in being a part of FFACE Anokhi

Bundles of benefits by entering in the contest…

Foreign Location for Finale

Be in the top 10 and visit the most amazing and scintillating location of the WORLD for the Grand Finale of FFACE Anokhi. Be privileged and the queen to be, because you will be Anokhi.

Best In-class Grooming and Training

All the top 20 contestants from India and Bangladesh will get specialised training & grooming from industry experts in a 3 day residential programme at the city’s best 5 star hotel.

Complimentary Fashion Portfolio

Get yourself clicked by the best fashion photographer of the country for your complimentary fashion portfolio. Flaunt it and a memory to keep lifelong.

Priority Auditions for Films/TV and Fashion

When you are with FFACE and you are ANOKHI, you automatically get priority calls for all leading Films, TV and Fashion Auditions to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry.



Online registration is Open

Beauty has no shape. Register Yourself because you are the Anokhi.


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Beauty has no shape. Register Yourself because you are the Anokhi.